Our activities within the U.K. include;

  • Manufacture of plastic and anodised aluminium bottle tops and jar lids by injection moulding, compression moulding and metal pressing. 
  • Manufacturing numerous other plastic parts both for general trades and proprietary brands by injection moulding. 
  • Vacuum metalising and spray painting, primarily for the cosmetics and toiletries sector. 
  • Contract manufacture and filling of toiletries and cosmetics for major U.K. brands
  • Manufacture and filling of toiletries and cosmetics for the Company's own brands.
  • Sales, marketing, warehousing and distribution of glass and plastic bottles and jars.

Activities outside the U.K. include;

  • Shanghai - A wholly owned toiletries and  cosmetics  manufacturing and filling factory supplying the U.K. Australian, Japanese, and Taiwanese market along with the domestic Chinese market. 
  • Shanghai A joint venture company manufacturing plastic bottles, jars, capes and lids for the filling operation.
  • Shanghai Close associations with glass bottle and jar manufacturer, lotion and spray pump manufacturer, cosmetic carton and Christmas box manufacturer and label manufacturer.
  • China A procurement team to source anything and everything in China, that a client could require that is outside the direct manufacturing range of the Group.